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Why Choose RSI?
We bring large organization experience with personal individualized attention from senior professionals. You will be dealing directly with a seasoned professional. We are efficient, creative and responsive.

What types of information are available? In the US? Overseas?
In every jurisdiction, local and international there is no substitute for local knowledge. Clients typically need a mix of public record and targeted intelligence. The key is high quality communication, what do you need, and how to get there quickly and efficiently. Over-seas many records are not public, but every culture will share some form of material information.

How quickly can you start?
As soon as we can complete case administration and properly brief the assignment.

How much does this cost?
We will agree upon an appropriate budget based on our standard hourly rates, which are from $125 to $275 per hour depending on the type of professional utilized. We are reimbursed for our actual out-of-pocket expenses, plus a modest administrative fee.

How does the process work? Engagement Agreement? Retainer?
We request that clients sign our standard engagement agreement and provide a retainer of approximately 50% of our agreed-upon budget.

How much for a background check?
Basic background checks start at about $1,000, but can range higher based on the level of risk presented, the number of individual or corporate subjects and the number and type of jurisdictions that must be searched.

How much to locate an individual?
Basic locates are modestly priced requiring only a few hours, or even less, effort plus out of pocket expenses.

How long will it take?
We report material information immediately, otherwise we will work towards a rational reporting point or project completion as appropriate. Simple assignments are often completed in less than 5 working days. Complex projects, may require weeks or even months of effort.

Do I get a report?
If you require, we can provide anything from a brief practical summary, to a complete formal document.

Will my subject know that I am looking?
As we move away from simple public record searches towards a targeted investigation we will work with you to manage the process using specialized techniques, and misdirection as and when needed.

Should I inform the subject that they are being investigated?
In some circumstances this can be a very good idea. We can then have our subject complete a custom RSI information/application document in order to make our work more efficient. We can always proceed with an undisclosed investigative review.

Can I get private records?
Private records are not available. However, RSI can still assist by utilizing creative, but always legal, investigative techniques, avoiding improper, inappropriate and illegal methods.