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Larry has spent 20 years of his professional career as a private investigator.  Larry is responsible for RSI’s Brand Protection Practice.  He brings an innovative strategic approach to this field, driving client value by targeting the most vulnerable and costly components of counterfeit and gray market sales channels, production and distribution.

Los Angeles
Office: 213.943.4051

Prior to Risk Solutions & Investigations, Mr. O’Brien was a Managing Director of Citigate Global Intelligence, Los Angeles, California where he specialized in finance/regulatory and fraud investigations. Previously, he was a Director in the Western Region Investigations practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Before that, Mr. O’Brien spent nine years with Kroll Associates as an Assistant Managing Director conducting numerous due diligence, hostile takeover defense, asset search, and fraud investigations assignments.

In addition to specializing in finance/regulatory and fraud  matters, Mr. O’Brien’s experience encompasses extensive investigative and risk mitigation consulting to clients across a broad range of industries, international fraud investigations, intellectual property theft, and due diligence and litigation support, including electronic discovery engagements.
Mr. O’Brien’s international experience includes managing a two-year forensic and investigative audit of three Swiss banks attempting to identify assets held by the banks relating to victims of the holocaust.  He represented the largest portion (in terms of bank assets) of the holocaust work PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted on behalf of the Volcker Commission, led by former Fed Chairman, Paul Volcker.
Additionally, Mr. O’Brien has conducted fraud investigations in South Africa, South America, and throughout Asia and Southeast Asia. In South Africa, he investigated allegations of internal fraud and product diversion on behalf of a U.S. based manufacturing company.  The investigation identified the perpetrators of the fraud, confirmed losses due to inadequate internal controls and provided recommendations to mitigate future losses. He also conducted a complex fraud investigation in Ecuador on behalf of a U.S. based non-profit organization.  The investigation uncovered extensive high-level fraud and black market sales of donated medicines and led to the dismissal of the country director and numerous staff.  Further, Mr. O’Brien investigated questionable business practices in the Southeast Asia office of a U.S. based footwear, equipment and apparel company.  The investigation uncovered non-arms length relationships between the regional director and various manufacturing and distribution companies.  The regional general manager was terminated as a result of the findings.
Mr. O’Brien has also worked many Brand Protection matters including one particular case involving the theft of intellectual property, which included a covert investigation of a multi-national electronics-counterfeiting ring. Information obtained during the investigation led to federal civil seizure orders against six defendants in two states and multiple seizures in China and Hong Kong.  He coordinated and executed the raids with Federal marshals against the six U.S. defendants.  Additionally, Mr. O’Brien conducted an investigation of proprietary information loss at a Fortune 500 company.  The investigation identified the source of the leak and provided recommendations for protecting intellectual and physical assets on a go-forward basis.
Mr. O’Brien is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College, Los Angeles, California.